Chris Grew is a Debt Consultant, with 38 years in finance and debt consolidation. He has appeared on "The Wealthy Life" tv program, authored newspaper articles and been featured in magazines. Chris is highly regarded in the industry and takes great satisfaction in assisting clients who are in credit crisis regain their financial foothold and peace of mind. He applies his knowledge of the financial world to develop strategies to steer his clients out of debt, rebuild their credit and get on with life.



Benjy has helped Thousands of people over the past decade turn their financial lives around through his 8+ years experience as a Debt Relief and Financial Rehabilitation Specialist. He is a Bachelor of Science grad who struck out on his own to start his own business as a scientist and real estate development; he quickly built up a portfolio of real estate investment properties in the early 2000's only to quickly lose them all during the 2008 financial crisis due to the economic collapse. This hard-learned lesson forced him to take budgeting and fiscal responsibility more seriously in his personal and professional life. Through his mistakes and financial hard times Benjy reorganized and re-educated himself to rebuild his own financial life and become an expert in financial restructuring and rehabilitation - the art and science of fixing financial messes. Through the lengthily training received from 4 Pillars Consulting, and his yearly continued financial education, as well as hands on experience; Benjy has become an expert in all debt relief solutions available and likes nothing more than seeing people turn their financial lives around from his advice.