Why Choose 4 Pillars

  • Chris Grew and Benjy Houser are your Debt Consultants with 4 Pillars Consulting in Victoria, BC - one of the largest debt restructuring firms in Canada. We work on behalf of YOU the person in debt, not your creditors.
  • With over 65 offices across the country, we are proudly 100% Canadian.
  • 97% of our clients successfully complete the debt restructuring plans we structure which we believe to be the highest in the industry. With our assistance and expertise, backed by the 4 Pillars tools and network, you are sure to be satisfied, motivated, and effective at paying off the proposal we prepare for you. The National Industry average indicates very close to a 35% failure rate for people entering into a debt repayment plan prepared by other companies. By working with 4 Pillars Consulting, you’re choosing not only to deal with your debt but the most comprehensive financial rehabilitation program in Canada.
  • We work with you to achieve the highest debt reduction possible, allowing you to happily fulfill and complete the debt re-payment plan we arrange for you.
  • 4 Pillars Consulting has THE MOST comprehensive and successful credit rebuilding system in the industry. Our exclusive and proprietary credit rehabilitation products ensure your long term success for a bright financial future.
  • We’re local. Every person we work with, we meet with in person. With something as personal as your credit and your finances why would you want to work with a virtual company that is owned and operated from an unknown location? With 4 Pillars Consulting in Victoria you enjoy the safety and advantages of working with someone right in your home town.
  • Our 4 Pillars promise clearly lays out what you can expect working with 4 Pillars. Click here to read the 4 Pillars promise www.4pp.ca
  • As a registered and Accredited BBB Business, you are assured high quality of service and care.
  • Chris Grew and Benjy Houser, your 4 Pillars debt consultants in Victoria BC consistently receives 5 Stars from their clients – check out what people say about us on the Reviews page.