Aren't you sick about worrying about your debt yet???

No question about it… money and debt troubles aren’t fun. How often do you think about your debt? The time we spend thinking about money is all consuming. Whether it is how you earn more money, or the necessary evil to spend money, thinking and worrying about money and debt takes up a major portion of our lives. There is no doubt that some of the things you might go through may be difficult, but rather than have your debt consume you, let’s put it into perspective.

If you had your choice of either dealing with what you are going through right now or getting stabbed in the eye with a fork, which would you do? It’s a no-brainer, right? (Or I hope it would be!)

I remember one day, a gentleman came into my office several months ago. He had lost his job earning a healthy income in Alberta after the crash in oil prices. Even though he found a good job in Victoria the payments were getting tough to manage. It was clear after talking that it would take decades to pay off debt in Victoria or that his condo would increase in value enough for him to sell it and pay off his debt. That strategy didn’t appeal to him because he wanted that as a long term strategy in his financial plan.

After reviewing his details and talking about his goals we were able to represent him in a structuring a consumer proposal and arranged for a bankruptcy trustee to file the proposal on the terms that would be most beneficial to our client and deal with his $83,000 of unsecured debt. The creditors agreed to, and accepted his proposal of $9,675. Our client saved over $73,000 (not including all the interest he would have paid!).

His stress is over, his cashflow is free and he is excited about his future as he has experienced debt relief. For many years he was not contributing to his future but the proposal process has changed that.

The lesson to be learned here is that no matter how bad the situation feels, it can always be worse. Even when it’s bad, there are still things to be grateful for. Try as hard as you can to look up and find the silver lining rather than stare down the abyss.

You can solve this problem and I can help you through debt restructuring in Victoria

My job is to represent YOU (the Debtor), not the creditor, so our plans are tailored to fit the debtor’s best interests. The best way to start is to set up a free consultation by filling out the contact us form or by calling me at 250-590-7890.