How we help you get debt-free

We at 4 Pillars work for you as our client (the debtor), not your creditors. Our clients are represented through every financial decision to deal with debt, rebuild credit and build a stable future for yourself and your family. Unlike our competitors, we are your consumer advocate. 4 Pillars does not receive funding from your creditors, nor does it have any fiduciary duty to your creditors. As your consumer advocate, 4 Pillars solely represents the interests of our clients without any conflict or interest.

Here’s how we can help:


Step 1

It begins with a free, no-obligation meeting

During this initial free consultation we get to know you and your financial situation. Once we have a solid grasp of your case we lay out the options that are available to help you eliminate your debt. Armed with this knowledge you can make an informed decision on the most appropriate way to move forward and solve your problem, whether it’s through debt consolidation loans or some other method. Rest assured this meeting is not a “sales pitch”. There is no pressure to make any decision. It’s all about getting to know you, your situation and discussing options to solve your debt problem. If you ultimately decide not to use our services, at least you’ll walk away with some valuable information.

Step 2

we create your customized plan

The goal is to get you out of debt as quickly as possible. After reviewing your current financial situation in detail, we recommend the debt restructuring option that will best protect your assets and meet your ability to repay. The right option is the one that best meets your immediate needs and works long- term to help you achieve your financial goals. 

Step 3

we act on your behalf to consolidate your debt

We represent YOU, not your creditors. Our goal is to help you reduce your debts and structure a new plan, on terms that suit your unique situation and this generally includes paying a lot less money per month than your current payment. Debt consolidation means there are three parties involved. You, 4 Pillars and the trustee. We are working solely for you while a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT) is required to administer the proposal, the LIT is an officer of the court and represents your creditors. The LIT plays a vital role in the formal restructuring process but can not act as a financial advisor to a consumer struggling with consumer debt, nor to help a consumer get the best possible result when making a consumer proposal or act as an advocate for a consumer seeking the best possible result from a consumer proposal. That is why we believe the first step to effectively solving your debt problem is insuring you have your own advocate and your own professional representation.

Step 4

Rebuilding your Credit Rating

Once you have a firm proposal that has been agreed to by your creditors, credit rebuilding is the next thing we will work on. 4 Pillars has some of the most sophisticated financial management programs available in the marketplace today. Our coaching, while utilizing these powerful tools, will help you get your credit rating score back as quickly as possible. Having good credit and a good credit rating means you can move on to greater things in your life. We also work with you to ensure that you have a solid financial plan for things like mortgage renewals, home ownership, and other financial goals, which lead to future financial stability.