What does credibility in the Debt Restructuring Industry really mean in Victoria?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about being credible in the space that I take up in the world. In my personal life I work hard to be creditable with my family, friends, and acquaintances. In my professional life with my 4 Pillars debt restructuring business, I do numerous things to prove my credibility to those people who may need help removing that dark cloud of debt hanging over their head. When you type in credible into Google it comes back with

“the quality of being trusted and believed in”

But how do you show credibility in the debt industry? Anyone can do that. Marketing can be a very powerful influencer. There have been many other players in the debt industry that didn’t have any credibility but who still sucked people in with their marketing messages and golden promises.

My definition of credibility is... “to prove my quality, earn trust, keep my word, stick to my promises, and always go above and beyond for people who have entrusted me to help them with paying off debt in Victoria”.

In the debt restructuring industry, credibility is EVERYTHING.

In the past I’ve avoided joining organizations such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) because I always questioned if being a member would lead to my 4 Pillars Victoria office having wild amounts of credibility to the public.

Then it hit me – it’s simply one piece of the “credibility pie” that my prospects and clients want to see.

When I sit down with someone who needs help reducing debt or consolidating debt (credit card debt, unsecured debt, student loan debt, taxes etc) or someone who needs budgeting, or rebuilding their credit in Victoria. I explain to them how important it is to work with a professional who will keep their word, stick to their promises, and always go above and beyond. To do any less is doing a disservice to people who truly need help with debt relief in Victoria.

To earn a prospect’s trust comes down to me showing them different pieces

Accreditation with the BBB is one credibility piece. I also use testimonials from previous clients and have them look at unbiased 5-Star reviews on my Facebook Business page, Google+, Yellow Pages, and various other locations. I also suggest reading articles I’ve written or looking at all the recent rescues I’ve done to help local Victoria residents experience debt relief. The more pieces of the credibility pie I can provide to my potential clients will let them know they can trust me to do what’s right and what’s best for them.

I’m also extremely proud to be part of 4 Pillars which has multiple locations across Canada (over 50) and we, as a whole company have a wonderful track record.

If you haven’t had a chance feel free to checkout my A+ rating with the BBB, and read through some great unbiased reviews of how I have helped people in Victoria reduce their debt up to 80%!