See How Our Unique Approach to Debt Relief Can Work to Your Advantage

Some people take years to get out of debt. Often, they don’t realize the gravity of their debt problems until they face rejection from a mortgage company or a car dealership. As a 4 Pillars Debt Relief Consultant I realize how difficult it is to overcome debt, and that is why I am determined to help. We take an approach to debt relief that’s different from the competition. For instance, we make sure that our clients learn how to manage their debt and eventually become debt-free. Three factors set us apart from the rest.

1) We represent debtors, not creditors.

Some debt relief companies may claim to help the debtor, when in fact, they work for creditors. We, on the other hand, work in the debtor’s interest. Everything we do is governed by this mandate. Unlike others who take on a sugar-coated approach to debt management, as your Debt Relief Consultant I give you straight answers — just the hard facts. This way, I can teach you how to make informed decisions as I educate you on the various options you can take to deal with debt more effectively.

2) We have a network of more than 100 trustees.

At our offices we maintain a network of over one hundred trustees whom we can tap based on our clients’ individual needs. Think of us as a mortgage broker who can obtain the best terms and rates suited to your situation as opposed to a bank that has access only to the bank’s own mortgage products.

3) We won’t claim to be miracle workers, but we do wonders.

There is no magic formula for debt relief. There are, however, a number of suitable options you can explore so you wouldn’t have to think about relocating or even changing your name. What’s more, we have one of the most comprehensive credit rebuilding plans in Canada. Our goal is to get your credit score to at least 650 in as little as 18 months.

A debt-free life can be more than just a dream. Give us a call today at 250-590-7890 or email to find out how to turn this dream into reality.