Why Debt Restructuring?

People often ask me “What does 4 Pillars do?”, “Can you help me?”As most people don’t have all day to listen to a long, drawn out explanation, I usually try to explain my services by focusing on the nuts and bolts of my services. I’m referring to the practice of what’s known as Debt Restructuring.

You may not be familiar with Debt Restructuring, but it is the most effective method for getting out of debt. Examples of Debt Restructuring are Consumer Proposals, Informal Proposals, and when necessary, Bankruptcy.

People who struggle with debt often turn to consolidation loans in an attempt to make their monthly payments more manageable. While this type of loan may slightly lower monthly payments, the sad truth is these people are still in debt. They’ve simply swapped one type of debt for another.

Debt Restructuring involves cutting the debt and repackaging it so payments are lowered, spread over time, and often at zero percent interest. Debt Restructuring frees up cash flow so you can devote your money to more productive items, such as food, housing, clothing, and family.

At 4 Pillars Victoria, we assess each individual’s unique situation and work towards a Restructuring plan that will ultimately put the person struggling with debt, back in control of his/her life.

If you or someone you know is struggling with debt and needs to speak to someone who can help, contact me today. Privacy is guaranteed, we encourage people to ask as many questions as they like, and there is no obligation.